Moto X Unlock Code

Moto X Unlock Code

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An Insight to the Design of the Moto X

The Moto X has a metal aluminium frame and this already means that it is stronger than the one before it. Motorola have moved on from plastic and this one could actually be compared to the iPhone 5s. The best thing about this phone is that it doesn’t feel as cheap as the Samsung Galaxy and this is ideal if you want a phone that will last and last without any worries at all.

What is actually quite surprising is that the Moto X is larger and they have used plenty of tricks to make this happen. They have beveled the edges and they have put the buttons on the screen instead, so as you can see, they are really moving forward in terms of the way that they design their phones. So now you know a little about the Moto X’s design, it’s time to move on to the shape of the phone itself.

Moto X Unlock Code

There is a unique and stylish curved back as well and surprisingly, this helps to give you a little extra grip. The curved design also gives you plenty of room for a headphone jack and a nano sim card as well. Even though the phone has thinned out sides, it is still fairly easy for you to tell the two buttons apart when the phone is in your pocket so you will be able to control it without too much difficulty. Of course, there are also plenty of ways to customize the phone. You can have a leather add-on along the back of your phone and it comes in four colors altogether, so with the choice of having a black or white front as well, you really will, never be limited if you want a phone that is customisable.

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