Unlock HTC One M8 Code

Unlock HTC One M8 Code

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Unlock HTC One M8 Code

The HTC One M8 comes complete with BoomSound speakers and these can be found on the front of the phone. It is these speakers that make the phone so tall but it is well worth it when you put these speakers next to the general speakers that you find in any old phone. One thing that you should note is that these speakers are not all about volume. Instead, they are more about quality and they are able to provide you with a very rich tone and plenty of power as well. For this reason, the phone is able to offer you a real body of sound that you just wouldn’t get elsewhere so if sound is a big issue for you then you shouldn’t have a problem at all with this phone.

When the original HTC One came out, the HTC company was working with Beats but now it is all HTC branded. This isn’t a loss as such, because they have still made the sound brilliant in every possible way but one thing that you should know about the speakers is that they do have a weakness and this is when you are playing games. When your thumbs move over the driver for the sound, you may notice a dip in the sound quality but that is hardly an issue, especially when you take a look at the amount of quality that you get when you are playing your own music.

So there you have it, plenty of information about the HTC One M8 and the speakers that come with it. As you can see it is well worth the money and HTC have made plenty of improvements with this release so if you need a good phone with a solid speaker, this is for you.

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